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Deniz Cleaning Products Chemical Ind. Co. has been established since 1994 in Istanbul / Turkey. We are one of the largest and the leading manufacturer specialising in Industrial and Household cleaning products.

Deniz Co. is manufacturing its products at state-of-art production facility. Our Company is capable of manufacturing in 2000ton / month in different types of products. Having a proud of quality products, we succeed to have a respectable number of satisfied customer not only in Turkey but also in various Export Markets.

Deniz has been awarded the ISO 9001 & ISO 14001 & OHSAS 18001& ISO 22000 of the quality and the Enviroment Systems since 2000. All activities in and out of the plant are organised to be consistent with the Health & Safety , Enviromental , Ethical& Social Regulations.

Our products are produced with high biodegradability Raw Materials and tested according to Turkish & European standarts in modern internationally awarded labarotories.

Thanks to the full authomatic and high capacity of the production , we reach a huge & flexible production range with our tailor made manufacturing process as well as with our well-known brands or private labels.

DENIZ CLEANING PRODUCTS CHEMICAL IND. CO mission is Understand Customer Needs and produce high quality products with the highest technology and be an Emphatic Organisation.



ISO 22000 Our Food Safety Policy

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